Magnus is a great place to acquire sophisticated investment skills. We are always looking for unusually hard-working people that possess strong quantitative skills and write and speak English well. We provide a work environment where only the brightest and extremely motivated individuals can do well. We believe work experience with Magnus will make you a strong professional and our training will serve you well for the rest of your career. Our training is supplemented with study support towards CFA Institute and Society of Actuaries examinations.

Potential applicants are requested to review the following aspects of our business philosophy:

  • Upholding highest standard of ethics in dealing with employees, investors, regulators and other stakeholders is the number one priority – profits are secondary to this objective.
  • The economic interest of employees and share holders is structurally aligned and not subject to any interpretation. The cash dividend to share holders will equal cash bonus to employees of the firm. Any employee who is also a shareholder or related to a shareholder will not be entitled to the employee bonus pool.
  • Gaining an in-depth knowledge of relevant SECP regulations, CFA Institute Guidelines and Internal Policies on Ethics and Professional Conduct is essential for all officers – we have a ‘zero tolerance’ policy for non-compliance.
  • Performance appraisal and career prospects must be communicated candidly – no employee should be retained based on false promises when he or she has better prospects elsewhere.